DM&P Information Systems helped AmeriFee develop from a small business to a corporate leader.

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When DM&P Information Systems began working with AmeriFee, the patient financing leader was not yet a subsidiary of Capital One Financial. At the time, AmeriFee had only 12 employees and was processing loan applications manually, with lots of keystroking and wasted paper.

DM&P Information Systems made it possible for AmeriFee to go from processing 75 applications a day to upwards of 1,500 a day. DM&P Information Systems automated AmeriFee’s credit approval process, providing instant access to credit reports and creating secure links with select banks. We created custom software and coordinated with a website company to allow AmeriFee to provide credit approvals online.

DM&P Information Systems also created systems for AmeriFee that instantly provide management with meaningful reports. Newly introduced products are easily integrated with the current offering. And when AmeriFee was bought by Capital One, the system designed by DM&P Information Systems made the transition a smooth one. What’s more, the system will easily accommodate increased business as AmeriFee continues to grow.

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